Monday, February 17, 2014

Psalms 46:10, 11 - Be Still

The verse is enumerated as Psalms 46:11 in Jewish Bibles and as Psalms 46:10 in Christian ones.

The Hebrew in its original is

הרפו ודעו כי אנכי אלהים

which translates to

Relax, loosen up and know because I am G`d.
Which actually means,
Relax, be at ease, don't worry! And know because I am G`d. Its root is רפה which is to relax, loosen, be limpid and not be tense.הרפה is the active causative (היפעל) form, which means release one's grip, let it be, don't bother, relax and don't be tense.

In Hebrew, this verse actually says that G`d wants you to be at ease and stop worrying because He is G`d.

הרפו is the imperative plural "y'all should release your worries, loosen up, relax and not be tense".

דעו is the imperative plural "y'all should know".

So, whatever you are facing, relax, don't panic, be at ease, don't worry, be happy. Continue with your busy activities because you should be assured that He is G`d. As the next verse says that He, the G`d of Yakov is with us and is our fortified refuge.

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