Sunday, May 24, 2015

Who is Damascus?

Damascus is named after the butler of Abraham.

[משק] (MShQ) = a proxy, possibly someone who puts on the sackcloth apron to do the menial work for you.

[שק] (ShQ) = sackcloth, rough fabric.

[ד] is an aramaic vestigial prefix rarely used in Hebrew, but its prefixial usage is found in Persian and even as far as Malay/Indonesian (which is a language primarily creolized from Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic).

[ד] prefix imbues co-location on its target.

[דמשק] (DMSQ) = damshiq = the arabic/aramaic/hebrew name for damascus.

"Damascus" is the chain of Greek-Latin-English corruption of the word "damshiq".

As the usual mistranslation is so rampant in the European/English language translations of the Bible, you will not be able to see the deeper end of the story. Unless you read it in the original Hebrew.

In Genesis 15:2, the Hebrew says that aka-Abram says,

  • I am heirless, and the son of [משק] steward of my house is [דמשק] placed in stewardship eliezer.

Is eliezer the name of the steward, or was Abraham simply interjecting "so help me G'd!"
Because [אלי עזר] eliezer in Hebrew means "my G'd help".

Therefore, in Genesis 15:2, Abraham whines that he is heirless, and the son of his current steward will be placed in stewardship of his possessions, effectively inheriting all of Abraham's riches. And Abraham then whines "O-M-G".

As usual of course, the septuagint and consequently the  KJV misses all this background story, happily-go-luckily mistranslates the whole verse.

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