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Psalm 8 mistranslation

Disclaimer: if you are a ufonut, please don't press on the stale issue of elohim being plural.

There is a mysterious preference of translation of a certain portion of Psalm 8.
In Hebrew:
מה אנוש כי תזכרנו ובן אדם כי תפקדנו
ותחסרהו מעט מאלֹהים וכבוד והדר תעטרהו

Let me transliterate the literal translation:

מה אנוש who/what is humankind
כי תזכרנו that You think about us
ובן אדם and son of adam/man
כי תפקדנו that You empower us
ותחסרהו מעט You lessen him a little
מאלֹהים than/from G'd
וכבוד והדר and glory and honour
תעטרהו you adorn him

Let me give you the direct translation uncontaminated by doctrinal bias:
Who is humankind that we are in your mind and the son of adam/man that you empower us?
You have him a little lesser than G'd and adorned him with glory and honour.

That is the way the American Standard Version translated it.

But many bibles translate that certain portion with
That you have him a little lesser than angels.

where they translate
as angels, rather than from G'd.

Let me tell you two reasons why the American Standard Version is the correct one.
  1. Let's presume
    should be translated as angels.Then the passage should be
    you have him as little angels.
    Without the preposition than/from.

  2. All other places in the Bible, מאלֹהים is translated as
    from G'd.
Compare with Hosea 2
והיה ביום ההוא נאם יי And is on that day declares Hashem
תקראי אישי ולא תקראי לי עוד בעלי shall you call me my-husband-peer and no longer call me my-husband-master

  1. The Hebrew word translated as sacrifice in the Bible is קורבן (QURVaN), from the root word קרב, which means be-near/in-proximity. קורב (QURVaN) is the pual conjugation of the word, which is passive - to be brought close/near. And then in Hebrew, we would turn a verb into participle/noun, by suffixes. In this case, we suffix the word with a feminine plural 3rd person - thus  קורבן (QURVaN).[1]
  2. Any occurrence of the word  קורבן (QURVaN) found in the Bible mistranslated as sacrifice, should be replaced with the meaning of Evolution towards being like G'd, that such so-called "sacrifice" are meant to illustrate our gradual evolution towards being nearly like G'd, that we would have the authority to either recklessly torture, punish or forgive the animals beneath us.
  3. Do you think G'd really needs us to burn up those animals for Him. For the two previous temples destroyed one after another, because we had failed to understand the actual implication of  קורבן (QURVaN), which is to remind us to continuously take steps in our billion years journey to become nearly like G'd. So that one day, in 10 billion years' time, humankind would evolve to become a matching eternal collective spouse of G'd.  קורבן (QURVaN) being a collective 3rd person Feminine.
  4. In the new temple of Ezekiel which we are to build, we would have the  קורבן (QURVaN) of a red heifer. We all know there is no such thing in nature as a red heifer. But we will be able to use bio-genetic engineering to produce one. We will have a red heifer for  קורבן (QURVaN).[2]
    Numbers 19:2 did not command us to sacrifice a red heifer.
  5. When the new temple of Ezekiel is built, we would present ourselves as yet having taken another step towards our Evolutionary journey towards being nearly like G'd. We would have successfully genetically engineered a red heifer. We will present this red heifer, take a sample of her blood, and prove that her DNA is genuinely artificial. We will also demonstrate our being more godlike by forgiving the heifer by setting her free. That would demonstrate that we have taken yet another step to fulfill Psalm 8.
  6. People believe that  קורבן (QURVaN) necessitates the killing of humans and animals to appease our G'd, as a substitute for our punishment have a completely screwed-up relationship with G'd.

[1]Please don't use Google translate to look up this word, because modern colloquial Hebrew has totally screwed up the meaning and sacredness of this word. Another example how Jews allowed Hebrew to be screwed up by acquiescing to Christian mistranslation and misconception of biblical words.
[2]Christian sources tell us that the red heifer is actually a common brown cow. That's pure BS, pun intended. Red heifers do not exist in nature, currently. It can only be produced through biogenetic engineering.

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